Are you a Minimalist or Just Tidy?

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Are you a minimalist or just tidy?  Not exactly sure what it means to be a minimalist?  I recently ran across this definition of a minimalist and I absolutely love it.  Tidy, according to every online dictionary I’ve consulted, means to have things neat and in order.  By this definition, I’m definitely a tidy person.

are you a minimalist

Since minimalism is a process, I can confidently say I’m definitely in the throws of this process.  I have done quite a bit of reading online about minimalism and it’s a lifestyle that looks different to different people.  I used to think being a minimalist meant you had to live in a tiny house or apartment, not buy anything, have bare walls and very minimal furniture and other worldly possessions.  I am relieved to know that’s not the case unless you just want it to be.  I think minimalism is having just enough to give you the freedom to do what you want to do in life.  My minimalism might look like just a tidy little mess to some, but it may be very neat and orderly to others.

Being tidy is vital to my well-being.  If that sounds ridiculous, it probably is, but I just function better overall if everything is clean and organized.  Clutter makes me crazy and it can be physical clutter or just ideas and things cluttering my brain.  I prefer order in all aspects of my life, but learning to go with the flow and realize that I can’t control everything is a continuous learning process for me.

Since the definitions of tidy and minimalist are so subjective, I do believe it’s possible to be one or the other or even both all at once.  I don’t feel very minimalist at the moment, but it’s the direction I feel myself moving in.


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