Why I’m Becoming a Minimalist

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I’m sure there are a million different reasons why people become minimalists. Some of these reasons are pretty universal and common, but I thought I would share why I’m becoming a minimalist since we all have different ways of arriving at this decision.

A couple of months ago I noticed I was personally becoming very agitated and unfocused. I felt like nothing I ever did was good enough and found myself spending money on things to try and help me feel better about myself. I constantly compared myself to others and using social media left me unsatisfied and frustrated because it just fueled the comparison fire in me.

becoming a minimalist

Realizing the Need for Minimalism

I took me a little while to realize that my head had become so cluttered that I was losing sight of the bigger picture in life and that I was doing nothing but feeding my discontentment. I had become so consumed with making money, trying to be what the world said I should be and looking like the world says I should look like. I was very discontent with just about everything in my life, except for my family life, and I actually felt a little hopeless and like nothing I did mattered. I struggled to find purpose.

I noticed our home was also becoming a little cluttered. My closet was overflowing, yet I seem to wear the same few outfits in constant rotation. We had duplicates of just about everything in the kitchen and the drawers became stuffed. A million books lined out bookshelves. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s pretty close. My makeup drawers (all three!) had become a disaster zone for getting ready in the morning.

I had too much choice and too much choice for me makes it harder to make a decision.


I realized what I craved in life was order. I wanted to know where everything was in my home and not have to wade through drawers and closets full of junk to find it. I wanted a simplified routine when it came to dressing and putting on makeup. I wanted open spaces with minimal clutter and furniture. I wanted less debt and worry about money. I wanted to be able to stop comparing myself to everyone on social media and tune out the constant noise the world tried to crowd my head with to convince me that if I just had ___________ I would finally be happy/pretty/richer.

The Journey Begins

As I’m writing this, I’m exactly about two weeks into this lifestyle change to becoming a minimalist. I have so much to do and many decisions to make, but I already feel instantly better just knowing that the very conscious choices I’m making and will make from here on out will only free me up to enjoy my life more and be a blessing to others.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Becoming a Minimalist

  1. I have had those same feelings. It’s like I am overwhelmed by the to do list in my life. I know I need to rid my home, classroom, and life of the extra “stuff”. Cleaning my closet is on my list for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how minimizing can help us both.

    1. Yes! Exactly! I need to get into my library as well and clean, but that will have to wait until August! Ha! I also plan to get into my closet this weekend. Waiting for my husband to be able to clean his closet out as well. Good luck on your organizing adventures! I am so glad you stopped in! Thank you for visiting.

  2. Hello, I just stumbled over your blog and I really like what I read. I´m into minimalism as well for about 3 years now and I love reading new contend because I´m still working on it day by day. Keep going and posting. Oh, before I forget: i love the layout, simple and elegant. Thumbs up!

    1. Thank you Nina! I’m so glad you stopped in! From everything I am reading, minimalism is definitely a day-by-day learning adventure. It’s great that you have stuck with this lifestyle. It gives me hope! 🙂

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